Calling All Filmmakers, Producers, Builders of Media!

DealMemio is a purpose-built enterprise blockchain solution for film, television & new media productions.

This cloud-based permissioned blockchain will allow a production entity to build a tamper-resistant ledger of every transaction associated with every production participant. 

determine who canwhat persons and organizations can participate, what those participants can see and do, and  t – is an immutable append-only transaction management system that will incorporate the entire structure of a film, television or new media production from soup to nuts.  entire document, contracts, agreements, 

Producers, writers, cast & crew, lawyers,  accountants, auditors, production company staff, and pretty much any participant in a production would not be aware there was a blockchain supporting the backend. All user interface tools mask the complexities. 

How it works

We are looking for a number of small North American based film, television & media production companies to take part in our blockchain trials. There is no cost and there would be little impact to a development schedule. We would require regular access to the producer, filmmaker, showrunner, etc.


If you are interested please submit this form.

* NDA’s no problem.