We are developing two open source blockchain projects built on Hyperledger Fabric. Our focused project KNODELEDGE encompasses every moving part of production and distribution in the Film & Television industry.

MyMusicLedger uses blockchain to redefine how music is created, distributed and remunerated. Prioritizing artist-friendly policies.

Our projects are designed to streamline and widen funding participation, improve Intellectual property rights & royalty management, realize cost savings through disintermediation, and enforce overall accountability in the entertainment industries.


KNODELEDGE is a purpose built, private, permissioned, plug-n-play, open source, enterprise business blockchain-in-a-box application for the Film & Television industry.

The impact blockchain, Web3, NFT’s, DAO’s, and the metaverse have on the Media & Entertainment industry cannot be overstated.

KNODELEDGE will leverage the ever expanding opportunities these nascent technologies offer entertainment industry participants and their fan base.

KNODELEDGE will be built on Hyperledger Fabric.


MyMusicLedger is a purpose built, private, permissioned, plug-n-play, open source, enterprise business blockchain-in-a-box application for the Music Industry.

The music industry has spent years attempting to pull together a global database of music works. As far back as 2008 some of the largest performing rights organizations (PROs) have come together to form the Global Repertoire Database (GRD) project with a view to developing a global music rights database.

The tracking and distribution of song usage continues to pose significant challenges for creators and performers.

Blockchain will connect the links between International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) of the music recordings and the International Standard Work Codes (ISWCs) of the music works and improve royalty matching processes.

A transformation of royalty tracking and distribution processes is long overdue.

MyMusicLedger will be built on Hyperledger Fabric.

Whats Next For Us

We are interested in developing and collaborating on projects that positively impact participants in the entertainment industry.  We want to meet filmmakers, producers, actors, writers, electricians, makeup artists, composers, musicians, entertainment lawyers, accountants who are interested in participating or have a project idea.

Projects On Our Radar:

Sniffer AI:  An open source blockchain based tool that will identify creative works that have been generated or manipulated by Artificial Intelligence. The tool will have the capability of notifying the copyright holders of creative works.    

Its My Creation, Simplified:  An open source blockchain based registry of creative works using Proof of Anteriority. Simply put, the blockchain time stamps the creators works and establishes priority. Geared to writers and composers in Film & Television and Music Industry. 

Whats Next For You?

What are you working on? Are you interested in collaborating?  We are looking for filmmakers, producers, actors, writers, composers, musicians, coders, designers, thinkers, accountants, lawyers, et al who are intersted in contributing skills and thoughts.